Attack Surface Management

Our Digital Risk Protection platform continuously monitors your attack surface to identify your complete digital footprint, potential blindspots, third party platforms, cloud vendors and much more.

Public and Internal Domains

Public and Internal Domains

IP Ranges

Owned & Third Party IP Addresses

DNS Subdomains

Internal & External Sub-Domains

Cloud Services

Cloud Services and Providers

Monitoring Defacement and Compromises

Enterprise SaaS / PaaS Platforms

Monitoring Business Listings

Corporate Structure, Subsidiaries & Acquisitions

Social Media Monitoring

Third Party Trackers & Analytics

Monitoring Defacement and Compromises

Data Collection & Online Forms

Monitoring Business Listings

Technology Stack & Software Components

Manage your Attack Surface Area in real-time to identify your blindspots

ShadowMap maintains a near real-time view of your Attack Surface Area, which includes your Public Exposures, Shadow IT, Cloud Partners, SAAS Solutions, IoT Devices, Mobile Applications, Network Ports, etc. By continuously tracking and risk rating these changes, we are able to raise early warnings for potential risks and blindspots.

We enable your team to rapidly respond to changes that may offer attackers a pathway into your environment.

Open S3 Buckets - Data Leaks
Open Databases - Data Leaks

AI + ML engine intelligently discovers corporate subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers, etc.

Our proprietary AI + ML engine leverages public data sources, compliance filings, WHOIS records, etc to create a comprehensive corporate structure including subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers, etc.

We enable your team to maximize coverage of your global organization, while also allowing regional teams and subsidiaries to independently manage their exposures, threats and data leaks.

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