Phishing Takedown

Our intelligent takedown service helps you identify and mitigate the risk from Phishing URLs, Domain Squatting, Fake Websites, Fake Social Media Page & Fake Applications. By leveraging a combination of our automated workflows and expert Takedown Analysts, we can deliver industry leading response times.

In-addition to scanning the internet and helping you with continuous brand monitoring & identifying fake applications, our intelligent takedown service can help you mitigate the risk. The platform intelligently initiates takedown for the phishing urls, websites, domains, fake social media pages and fake applications.

  • Intelligent Automation & Takedown Workflows with Integration
  • Multi Pronged Approach – Targeting Registrars, Hosting, DNS, SSL & CDNs
  • Phishing Takedown
  • Website Takedown
  • Domain Takedown
  • Social Media Takedown
  • Fake Application Takedown
  • Expert Takedown Analysts

Our intelligent automated workflows along with integrations with a number of domain registrars, hosting providers, DNS services, SSL providers & CDNs enables our teams to rapidly facilitate takedowns. For more challenging cases, our expert takedown analysts are able to leverage their experience and connections to facilitate takedowns.

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