Yash Kadakia

Founder & CEO, ShadowMap Limited

Yash is an accomplished cyber security entrepreneur, having founded and grown both Security Brigade and ShadowMap into successful market leaders.

Yash has a laser focus on core R&D and innovation to revolutionize the sectors he works in. From introducing Expert Driven Manual Testing & AI Based Workflow Automation to Security Brigade’s Security Testing Processes, to pioneering the Digital Risk Protection space with ShadowMap.

Yash’s considerable work in the security technology sector has made him a trusted advisor for many enterprise CIOs and CISOs. At 18 years, Yash started Security Brigade out of his bedroom and has grown it to a global team of 100+ and a formidable brand that is relied on by some of the largest enterprises and startups across the world. At 30, he saw an opportunity in the Digital Risk Protection space and started building the first version of ShadowMap.

Based in London, Yash shuttles between our R&D and operations centers in Mumbai and delivery centers across the EU, UK, and USA.

Under Yash’s leadership, ShadowMap was recognized as the Data Security Council of India’s Most Innovative Product in Cyber Security.  Yash has also been recognized as a leading Entrepreneur and Innovator by numerous publications, spoken at many industry conferences and published a range of research and opinion pieces over the years. He is also a member of several industry organizations such as Tech Advocates London, OMPEG, Della Leaders Club, DSCI, NASSCOM etc.